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Do you need a customized magnetic contact for a special job? We can add lead length to two, three, four or six wire switches; zip cord, jacketed and armored cable. We can also incorporate any combination of resistors and still ship in 24 hours.

Please see RESISTOR SWITCH category for a sample of some of our common resistor switches.

Please see CUSTOM SWITCH category for a sample of our common custom items.

If the product you need is not shown, give us a call at 800.843.5530. We can incorporate resistors in any combination to any switch package and/or provide other customizations (i.e. longer lead lengths, special switch/magnet combinations, alternative lead material) and still shp in 24 hours.

Nascom offers several solutions. Rail Mount: The N505ASCD/ST is designed specifically for this application. The N505AU/ST universal mount flip switch is also a good choice as you can mount on either side of the door and have the cable exit the switch in the preferred direction. The magnet actuator for both modes mounts directly on the door. If the upper door stop clearance is a problem that will prevent the magnet actuator from passing under the stop or if the flange on the bottom of the door will interfere with the switch mount then we would recommend using one of the following floor mount models, N200AU/ST mini universal floor mount, N205AU/ST or N205A/ST. All of the above listed contacts feature No Dead Spot technology that helps prevent false alarms do to movement in these types of doors.

Residential and commercial overhead doors.

Nascom offers several solutions. For floor mount and top of door mount, the N205AU/ST is the wide gap version with universal mount magnet as well as the N205A/ST featuring an adjustable bracket mounted magnet, both models will retro fit on the same footprint as our competitors, similar models. Nascom also offers the mini N200AU/ST with up to 2” gap. The N200AU/ST is popular for industrial man doors and roof hatches as well as in ground access covers and manhole covers.

For concealment in the floor our NDB400A/ST and NDB400AU/ST are direct burial models. Rail mounting use our N505AUTM/ST for 2-¼" residential track and our N505AUTMC/ST for commercial track. Both model series use the N505 Universal mount Flip Switch so no matter which side of the door you mount the switch on you can remove the switch from the bracket and flip it, so the cable comes out the preferred direction. This feature is handy when used on double doors where you want both switches in the center and the cablerunning to a common connection point.

Nascom uses Neodymium magnets in most switch models and we are often asked “ What is Neodymium ? “Neodymium magnets are a member of the rare earth magnet family. They are referred to as Rare Earth because neodymium is a member of the rare earth elements on the periodic table. Neodymium magnets are the strongest of the rare earth magnets and are among the strongest magnets manufactured in the world.

We can add lead length to two, three, four and 6 wire switches, zip cord, jacketed cable and armored flex. Just let us know what length you require for your application.

These are contact arrangements that can be found on switches and relays.
Form A: is a single, normally open contact that closes upon actuation when the magnet actuator is in proximity of the switch.
Form B: is the same as A except in reverse. A form B is normally closed contact that opens upon actuation when the magnet actuator is in proximity of the switch.
Form C: is a form A contact connected to a form B contact. The form C contact has 3 wire leads, NO (normally open), NC (normally closed) and C (common). Upon actuation when the magnet actuator is in proximity of the switch, the NO (normally open) contact closes (continuity from NO-C) and the NC contact opens (no continuity from NC-C).
It is more common to see the following designations:
Form A and B can also be referred to as Single Pole- Single Throw Contacts:
SPST-NO (Closed Loop) = Form A
SPST-NC (Open Loop) = Form B
Form C can be referred to as Single Pole Double Throw:
SPDT = Form C

Aluminum Industrial Contact Example: N505AUTMC/STSD072
N = Nascom part number
505A = 505A series aluminum industrial contact
U= Universal Mount
TM = Track Mount
C = Commercial 3 inch rail size
/ST = Switch and Magnet set
SD = Single Pole Double Throw (Form C) contact.
072 = Custom 72 inch Armor Flex lead length
3/8 inch Recessed Switch Example: N1175TW/ST
N = Nascom part number
1175 = 1175 series Stubby 3/8” Press fit recessed contact
T = Screw Terminal Contact
W = White Color
/ST = Switch and Magnet Set
Other part number designations:
/SW = Switch only
/M = Magnet only

For best results we recommend cleaning the surface area with Isopropyl Alcohol and let dry before applying the switch and magnet to the surface.

Nascom will provide mounting screws for surface mount contacts upon request. An additional charge for screws may apply.

Yes! Just give us a call and let us know your packaging requirement.


Guide to brackets and contacts they will accept.

AUTM/BRKTKIT: For rail mounting the N505AU series to a standard residential overhead door with 2-1/4 depth track. See the complete set. N505AUTM/ST.

AUTMC/BRKTKIT: For rail mounting the N505AU series to a commercial overhead door with 3" depth track. See the complete set. N505AUTMC/ST

BRACKET S-9: Will accept surface mount contacts in the INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL products category except the N505AS and N400T series.

BRACKET EA50: Will accept surface mount contacts in the INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL products category except the N505AS and N400T series.

BRACKET 1913 .... Will accept surface mount contacts in the INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL products category except the N505AS and N400T series.

BRACKET 505S/A ... Designed to fit the N505AS series only. N505ASBRACKETKIT ... BRACKET 505S/A with mounting screws, nuts and washers.

BRACKET GATE and BRACKET GATE SPAC for mounting the N505A/STMPA to a chain link fence. See N505A/STMPAG

BRACKET SECLOOP. Replacement Bracket for the N505AS/STHSLP series.

The following are the available Bracket kits that include screws, washers and nuts.





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Yes! Nascom can build most switch configurations with end of line resistors in series and series/parallel configurations. We stock most standard values in 5% tolerance carbon film resistors. Other non- standard values are available including 1% carbon and metal film resistors but may have longer lead times than standard contacts.

We can pair just about any switch and magnet combination for your special application. If you are not sure of the optimal combination for your special application, give us a call at 800-843-5530 or send us an email to techsupport@nascominc.com. Please provide us as much information about your application as possible including photos and or video.

Short Definition = Ampere Turns also referred to as AT or NI: is a parameter that describes the magnetic sensitivity of the reed switch.

Nascoms N135WG Cap Switch series is the ideal choice for vinyl windows, this is a stickon surface mount low profile switch and magnet set with aesthetically pleasing form. The CAP switch series features 3M VHB tape for quick and easy installation. The CAP switch series is offered in both end lead and center lead configurations. There is also a Vent Switch variant, Nascoms N235 series available in screw terminal, end lead and center lead configurations. The N235 series vent switch maintains the sleek euro form of the cap switch in slightly larger package to allow for Nascoms patented “No Dead Spot” technology which allows you to open the window up to 3 inches while maintaining a secure state. The N235 series vent switch is the most compact vent switch in the industry. Nascoms NC1010T series is another screw terminal contact option for vinyl window applications featuring a beveled screw terminal cover.

Nascom offers private labeling for most switch series. We can Hot Stamp your logo in a variety of colors on most plastic switch and magnet housings or covers. For aluminum housing switches we can create a label with your logo. Just send us your logo artwork in ai file format or Vector file format for aluminum housing labels. PDF format is ok for hot stamp logos. For best results please keep your logo artwork simple. Intricate detail cannot be reproduced on hot stamped logos.

Plastic Recessed and Surface mount contacts - Standard Package Qty. = 10
Magnet only - Standard Package Qty. = 25
Aluminum Industrial Contacts – Standard Package Qty. = 1

Nascom uses wire processing machines that cut and strip the wire leads to standard lengths such as 12”. The wire leads are welded to the reed leads and are processed into a configuration that will accommodate the type of housing it is intended to be potted in. Recessed and some surface mount contacts use a reed lead configuration that is potted in axial alignment with the housing and with the end of the reed assembly seated in the closed end of the housing. So part of the lead length is potted in the housing. One lead will be slightly longer than the other due to the axial reed assembly configuration. The offset in lead length will depend on the model number of the switch.

Contact us at greatday@nascominc.com or give us a call +1 (800) 843-5530

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