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Nascom stands for innovation, quality, and unparalleled customer service. Our specialty is false alarm solutions. In fact, we are the only contact manufacturer to ever win the prestigious FALSE ALARM SOLUTIONS AWARD at The International Security Conference (ISC WEST). By designing collaboratively with dealer/installers, Nascom has been a leader in the magnetic contact industry for over 25 years.

Our ground breaking innovations include:

  • Flat reed technology;
  • Rare earth magnets;
  • Magnasphere technology for high security contacts;
  • The CAP switch line of magnetic contacts for vinyl and aluminum windows;
  • Overmolding technology to produce the perfect wireless magnet;
  • The Black Hornet, protector of electronic equipment such as flat screen TVs, laptops and DVRs;
  • The Security Loop, securing outside equipment such as HVAC units, bikes, ATVs and lawn mowers;
  • The Shark Magnet for U-channel doors; never needs silicone, always adjustable;
  • Nascom’s Gate switch, the solution to gap problems with any gate installation;
  • The Nascom Magnetic Pull-A-Part, the most durable in the industry;
  • NO DEAD SPOT™ technology in aluminum switches;
  • The first Balanced Magnetic Switch listed to the UL634 (Level 2) Standard, incorporating a sophisticated magnetic circuit, for government installations, SCIFs, safe and vaults, including a wide gap version for doors where door strikes are utilized.
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All of our innovations have come as the result of listening closely to our customers. If you have a particularly challenging installation, give us a call at 800.843.5530. Let’s see if we can come up with a solution, together.

Our goals are to stop false alarms and cut installation time. Our products provide best in class quality with a sleek, profession look; products designed to meet or exceed your expectations.

Check out our News and Update section for Nascom’s up coming innovations.

Do you need a customized magnetic contact for a special job? Give us a call at 800.843.5530. We can add lead length to two, three, four or six wire switches; zip cord, jacketed and armored cable. Incorporating resistors is a snap! Most standard product is shipped within 24 hours. For custom product, our leads times are generally no longer than a week. If you use a custom product on a recurring basis, we will hold stock, for quick turnaround.

Finally, all of our hardwired products come with a lifetime guarantee. Should any Nascom magnetic contact fail, due to manufacturing defect, we will gladly replace it.

The orginal pill switch

Nascom introduced the sleek pill switch at ISC West in 2007. The rest of the industry followed.


Save time and money with our patented U-Channel magnet. the SHARK, Serrated stainless steel springs allow for precise placement in seconds


Our patented Balanced Magnetic Contract contains a sophisticated magnet circuit that is undeated.

Contact us at greatday@nascominc.com or give us a call +1 (800) 843-5530

Nascom stands for innovation, quality, and unparalleled customer service. Our specialty is false alarm solutions.